e.T Special

Vietnam Black x ((Kandahar x Thai) x Panama)


Manga Rosa

Landrace from Brasil




 e.T Special


A long-time California grower and fellow forum member, e.T, gifted me with a very special hybrid composed of genetics carefully archived and tended over decades by various well-know cannabis growers. 


Zamalito, cootz, and Brotherhood Of The Eternal Love need no introduction when it comes to great weed. All of these growers mentioned have been an integral part of the Old-School growing scene in Cali and neighboring states.


I named this hybrid e.T Special in memory of his exceptional gift. Without any reservations he gave me enough seeds to sustain this unique line for years to come. It was with this hybrid that I crossed Brasilian Manga Rosa in 2020. The resulting herb has a wonderful candy sandalwood terpene profile among others.


I have named this hybrid “Candybar” out of respect for a dear old Colombian friend of mine, Gerardo, who was the first person I had ever met who had private stash genetics from Colombia so powerful that in 1973 there were no equals in America. Only Thai Stick back then came close.


I’ve lost count of the smoker casualties I witnessed over the years but you tend to remember when you see a friend with years of weed smoking under his belt take one toke and pass out, breaking his eyeglasses on a brick wall on his way down.  My friend gave it its original “Candybar” name based upon the way it was pressed into small, hash-like chunks and wrapped into aluminum foil, just like the popular “Chunky” candybar of the 1950’s and 1960’s.


Here’s a modern version of a pressed Manga Rosa chunk:


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Among well-traveled and experienced weed puffers it was more commonly referred to as Colombian “Wacky Weed”.

The primary genetics of e.T Special are:

  • Vietnam black = Zamalito’s selection from Kiona Farms
  • Kandahar/Thai x Panama = selected by cootz and the BOEL in the early 1980’s

Panama stock supplied by a Peace Corp worker who brought seeds back in the 1970’s




Five primary phenos rolled out of this seed, as if highlighting each of the countries that were the source of its original genetics: Vietnam, Panama, Thailand, Kandahar Afghanistan, and Brasil.

Each pheno had well-defined physical characteristics as well as distinctive smoke qualities and high.

Manga Rosa with its characteristic leaf structure. Manga Rosa is 100% sativa and is considered a Brasilian landrace.

Genetic analysis screenshots courtesy of Phylos Bioscience at

Like the diverse, high-quality genetics of e.T Special, Manga Rosa is considered rare and has only two relatives. This, of course, is Phylos Bioscience’s interpretation and methodology, however it still has its place in the nascent cannabis genetics authenticity field.

Manga Rosa plantation full bore

e.T Special, like Manga Rosa, is considered rare and even more enticing, it has no immediate relatives.


Genetic analysis screenshots courtesy of Phylos Bioscience at