The Selected Quirks of Madjag

The Madjag Chronicles were compiled as memoirs and mental snapshots of my experiences during the 1978-1982 guerrilla growing years in Madjag Canyon and beyond. Importing weed from Mexico, lining up connections with the Colombians, and living for months in Jamaica to set up a 1/2 ton Ganja flight were some of my subsequent adventures. In recent years I have been a medical marijuana grower, a pollen chucker, and an Admin/Moderator for several online cannabis forums.

Hot Spring Saucers

Here is the info on this sighting. It was reported in the Verde Independent newspaper in Cottonwood, AZ, but they do not have the info in microfilm form and I started paging through the individual days circa 1976 and gave up. Too slow.

On a particular night, a craft hovered above the Childs hydroelectric plant run by APS (Arizona Public Service electric utility).This plant was built around the turn of the century to supply electricity to Prescott and other small north-central Arizona towns. It used a well-known spring source ten miles northeast on Fossil Creek that dropped several hundred vertical feet from Stehr Lake, a holding pond, high above the power plant. A small group of houses surround the site where three or four engineers and their families live and operate the plant. The nearest town is Camp Verde, approximately 25 miles of dirt road to the west, or Strawberry approximately 15 miles northeast from the electric turbine location. It is literally in the middle of nowhere. A well-known hot spring, that was a hideout for 1920’s gangsters and later a small, remote resort, is directly across from the plant on the opposite side of the Verde River.

The date of the event was 1976-1977. I did not keep the article, but it was big news in the local newspaper, The Verde Independent. It barely appeared the Phoenix newspapers. Two facts lend corroboration: the people who reported the incident were employees of APS, the very conservative public electric utility. Merely reporting the event could have caused these folks a lot of grief, possibly even their jobs. Secondly, on a drive out to Childs about a month later from Camp Verde via the western end dirt road, I stopped to help a lady change her truck’s flat tire and serendipitously for me, she was one of the people who had experienced the event. She had been there with her husband.

She was the wife of one of the Child’s power station engineers. This nice lady that had a typical western accent and beehive hairstyle, not a hippie or countercultural type, one who might be whipping up a story with no truth in order to get news coverage and fame. While helping her I asked where she was going and she replied that she lived at Childs. I then asked her if she knew the employees that saw the craft hover above the plant. She said that she was one of them and that they had not only seen it, they had met the aliens personally. It’s hard to discount someone like this, in my mind, unless they wanted to create attention and lose jobs, which was not likely. Doubt if any LSD was in their water either.

Their report was that the craft hovered above the plant and sucked energy from it, causing the power gauges to drop and create a very noticeable change in electric transmission, something they would have to report to APS of course. I am not sure of the time and duration, but the lady told me that she they did not want to cause too much trouble or get too much attention, so they did not tell the news reporters that in addition to this UFO craft hovering above the power plant, they had met them as well.

I didn’t want to pry into the details of her experience and forgot to ask relevant questions concerning how these aliens were dressed and how they communicated (English?). I did ask about the nature of the aliens, and she replied, “They were just like humans except that they were very nice, very friendly and peaceful” or something to that effect.

It has been more than 40 years since that day, however my meeting with the engineer’s wife has stuck with me along because of the unusual story she had shared. In late 1999 I visited the Verde Independent office in Cottonwood and started paging through 1977 and 1978 back issues. I soon gave up my search using that method. It took hours to go page-by-page in those large bound volumes and as much as I seem to remember that it was on the front page of that week’s issue, it might have been buried deep in the paper’s subsequent pages. I imagine that APS might have an archive department and could be contacted and searched as well. Perhaps those Child’s power plant employees could be located and re-interviewed. The triangular craft sightings in Arizona circa 1999-2000, that were recently covered by FOX news, mentioned dozens of sightings that culminated with an F-16 Air Force fighter aircraft flying over Phoenix to recon the craft reports. The FOX news reporter on that day’s show said that the sightings began in the Prescott area. I have friends who were close to the Verde Hot Springs that night who also confirmed that craft’s sighting. The Verde Hot Springs and Childs are about the same distance north of Phoenix as is Prescott, but roughly 35 miles further east.

The Sun, Flagstaff, Wednesday Feb.19.1975, Page 11

Thursday, February 26, 2009



This page will endeavor to draw together what I believe to be a cover up about the hidden air force. I have looked for the original article by Wendelle Stevens that appeared in the Arizona Highways magazine to no avail so what I relate is from my memory. It was an article about his investigation of the craft seen down by the Child’s Power Plant in Arizona. But first…

“Sighting, 1971
Our encounter was a brief sighting of three objects. In order to bring a bit of authenticity to our encounter, I will attempt to set the stage.

I was working for the Arizona Public Service at a very remote power plant at the bottom of Fossil Canyon near Payson, Arizona. There were two employee encampments. My first wife, our son and I were located at Irving. The other camp was Childs, located further down the canyon on the Verde River.

We were new but some of the families at Childs had lived and worked there for many years. Childs was an ideal place to live and the employees made every effort to keep visitors and tourists out. It was private land so they had the law on their side.

For years the employees had seen objects hovering over the power plant. We were never told about it and did not find about it until we had left the canyon. We saw a write up about it in one of the area papers.

There were only two roads in or out of the area. Both were narrow, rough and very steep with curves. It was necessary to travel out to buy supplies and gasoline. On one trip out to stock up we returned in daylight. For some distance, perhaps a mile or more, it was possible to see the Childs plant area but not the power plant or encampment. As we drove around a curve in the road my wife exclaimed, “Look! Look!”

I stopped and we all could plainly see three objects hovering over what we were certain was the plant at Childs. Each was stationary and maintained a stair step formation. We observed them for sometime before all moved off in formation traveling away from us. During this time period an airplane passed by a long distance away and could be easily recognized as a plane.
We did not confide in anyone about what we saw as we were not aware of any other sightings at Childs. We left shortly after.”

Occurred : 10/15/2000 19:00 (Entered as : 10/15/2000 19:00)
Reported: 4/23/2005 9:59:32 PM 21:59
Posted: 5/24/2005
Location: Strawberry, AZ
Shape: Disk
Duration:15 minutes Disk shape on Ground and viewed at length with Scope from a Deer rifle.

I have practiced Civil Engineering for at least 14 years and my Father in law has been a general Contractor for 35 years and the third witness whereabouts is unknown.

Vehicle or craft was on the ground at about 1 mile away. It was disk shaped and on the ground. It had lights on top and a doorway that was opened to the ground. Various windows and movement on the surrounding shrubbery and grass. Said craft was landed on an inaccessible portion of a mountainside and viewed at length through a high power scope for a deer rifle. Elevation of sighting is about 5500-6500 feet in elevation.

Several other local sightings of this type have been accounted for from local residents near the Child’s power plant. Strawberry is approximately 70 miles West of Heber, the place that “Fire in the Sky” was based upon.

This Canyon is said to routinely have low flying craft of unknown origin causing motor stops, watch stops and burn marks on ground.

Wendelle Stevens investigates sighting at the Child’s Power plant – approximately 15 years ago

The persons who lived at the Child’s Power plant, close to Strawberry, Arizona on the Verde River were excited to see a silver disc accompanied by two helicopters going up the river. The round silver disc had U.S. Air force on the side. The two helicopters went up the river but soon the disc came back down the river by itself.

Across the river from the Power Plant was the foundation of an old hotel. We were told that it was where the Mafia would come in the old days and enjoy themselves without being detected. The road down to the Power Plant was narrow and not in the best shape, I can’t imagine what it was in those days.

Several of us went there and stayed the night in our tents. Of course we didn’t see anything but we did see the trees full of vultures! Our friends that accompanied us had a little poodle. When they let her out of the tent in the morning those vultures had their eye on her as a good breakfast! We shooed them away before they could eat “Dinky” the dog.

What struck me was the insignia on the round silver disc.

Last week on Coast to Coast a man called in that lived in Oregon. He said he knew that the black ops had a base near Table Mountain in the Cascades. One day he was outside with his mother when he saw a huge “UFO” flying over. He didn’t have time to tell his mother to look up so he just tipped her head up so she wouldn’t miss it.

He said that the craft was at least 5 miles wide. He thought it would cover all of the city of Portland it was so huge. What amazed him was on the bottom it said UNITED STATE OF AMERICA! He said that it looked like the Star Ship Enterprise! Where could they build such a huge ship??

Several nights ago on Coast to Coast one of the callers spoke about the hacker from England, Gary McKinnon, that the US is so upset about because he hacked into the Air Force and NASA’s files. I never heard this part before but it came out on the program that he had told what he found. He found evidence of ANOTHER Air Force in the US that persons were not aware of. He found the names of “ships” and the Off World officers names. When he checked out the names of the ships, they were not ocean-going ships but he surmised they were “off world” ships owned by the government.

This is why the US wants him so badly. They have been trying to expedite him so he can stand trial and serve up to 70 years of his life for hacking into their files. What they are really worried about is that the information has come out about their secret projects! I have a feeling that England will not send him over here to live the rest of his life in prison. Anyway I hope not.

So put all that together and you have the pictures clear enough. We have no idea what is going on but we now know where a lot of the money in the budget is going!

P. Urial

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