In The Name of Madjag

Over the course of the years that Madjag Canyon was actively used, only 6 men were part of the team. I was the only one involved in 4 of the 5 grow years while the others worked for 1-2 years, depending on which garden they helped to tend.

All of these Wizards of the Rim have earned the right to sign their name as Madjag. Their hard work and stealthy dedication permitted Madjag Canyon to survive without compromise. Our intensive grow years went unnoticed by outsiders and today, 40 years later, the story can finally be told.


Ancient rock writings, known in archaeology as petroglyphs, record a history difficult for us to translate and understand. When we discovered these writings adorning the boulders in our immediate canyon area we spent dedicated time in their unique presence. Just imagine the work involved to tell a story or record a special moment by carving into hard basalt with stone tools.

The signs of those who went before are everywhere in the canyon and its surrounding terrain. Mogollon Rim country, with its many perennial streams, was a highly-prized region for the ancient ones. Water sustains life on every level and in this desert landscape it also meant that plentiful wildlife and plant foods were available. The ancient ones and the native people who succeeded them knew how to survive in this difficult terrain. Their pottery, stone tools, and projectile points reveal a magical picture of their everyday life.

We took only photos and left only footprints whenever we encountered signs of the ancient people who once lived here. The Wizards found artifacts and left them in place, visiting the canyon every decade to renew our connection with the spirit of those who went before. I have spent over one year of my life at the bottom of Madjag Canyon and each time I return I feel like it’s home.

 “You have no idea who I think I am.”

As a guerrilla grower and later as a weed dealer and importer, protecting my true identity was necessary during those years. 40 years later, I can speak freely. I live in Arizona, a state that permits Medical Marijuana use and now, in 2020, recreational use. Though this state is still a major import hub for cocaine, cannabis, and other drugs coming through Mexico, domestically-grown cannabis is finally being examined honestly and justly. I believe it will be legal federally across the entire United States of America within the next 5 years. In the meantime, here’s my story of the Wizards of the Rim in Madjag Canyon and my later adventures.