The Selected Quirks of Madjag

The Madjag Chronicles were compiled as memoirs and mental snapshots of my experiences during the 1978-1982 guerrilla growing years in Madjag Canyon and beyond. Importing weed from Mexico, lining up connections with the Colombians, and living for months in Jamaica to set up a 1/2 ton Ganja flight were some of my subsequent adventures. In recent years I have been a medical marijuana grower, a pollen chucker, and an Admin/Moderator for several online cannabis forums.

Madjag In Barcelona – Spannabis 2019

I’m an old hippie though to look at me you might wonder, “Is he a cop? Is he a reporter?” Nope, I’m a father, a cannabis cultivator, a loving husband, and an inner space adventurer. I cut my waist-length hair in 1979 and I have a guru, a 120 lb. Rottweiler, two adult daughters, a 13 year-old grand-daughter, a 2012 Toyota Tacoma, and a remote piece of land I call the Galiuro Gompa purchased in 1976 that has no neighbors for 10 miles. And I like moonlight walks on the beach and Margaritas by candlelight….hahaha.

Last year I had an amazing experience thanks to an online cannabis forum friend who bought me a round-trip ticket to Europe so that I could attend Spannabis in Barcelona with him and several other forum members. I flew from Phoenix non-stop 12 hours to London and then 2 more hours to Munich where I met Tomas for the first time.

Right now I’m stuck at home thanks to Covid-19 and am writing my memoirs, The Madjag Chronicles, which are just now, January 2nd, 2021, being published on my website, It has taken me quite some time, for many reasons, to fully launch the site, however I designed and created the website myself and the learning curve was considerable. I watched a lot of Divi software videos, from 5 minutes long to 2 hours in length, in order to get a handle on their amazing, drag and drop, WordPress software. Rated the best online software for WordPress, I concur and heartily promote it even if you are an old-school html programmer or php designer. Their help team answers emails quickly so you will always have a strong lifeline when you need it. I sure did and exchanged at least 25 chat help talks over the course of 3 months, with longer follow-up emails in certain cases.

Every time I think about Tomas spontaneously buying me a ticket, not only to attend Spannabis but also so I could road trip around Europe with him, I get a bit melancholy yet am deeply honored and happy. How could I ever see such a wonderful gift coming my way? I honestly thought he was joking when he first told me that he wanted to sponsor me and bring me over for Spannabis…, so glad that he wasn’t.

Photo courtesy of MadMac

Photo courtesy of MadMac

When I arrived in Barcelona with Tomas, we met GrowMore.Club’s 3rd Admin, Bud Wiser, for the first time. It was only the beginning of a series of incredible meetings with the GMC clan, accompanied with dazzling food, crazy partying, lovely hikes about the city, and some dynamite weed. Wow. I had been to Europe twice before: once in 1969 (!) for 7 weeks and a second visit in 2005 for 3 weeks. Tomas and I certainly managed to make good use of our time after Spannabis by visiting artic cool GMC member Dread420 in Monaco and later road-tripping back to Germany. And before Span we had time to visit the edge of the Alps for a day or two in Pfronten and then Zurich for an overnight with one of my old grow partners, Hans, and his lovely partner Irina. Two fabulous weeks of new friendships, lively country explorations, crazy cannabis collaborations, and old-school tourism.

As usual I took lots of photos, like 2,025 in 12 days. Why not? When I look back at photos it inspires me to get ready for the next adventure.

Maybe I’ll see you at Spannabis 2022 and we’ll talk about our latest grows.