The Selected Quirks of Madjag

The Madjag Chronicles were compiled as memoirs and mental snapshots of my experiences during the 1978-1982 guerrilla growing years in Madjag Canyon and beyond. Importing weed from Mexico, lining up connections with the Colombians, and living for months in Jamaica to set up a 1/2 ton Ganja flight were some of my subsequent adventures. In recent years I have been a medical marijuana grower, a pollen chucker, and an Admin/Moderator for several online cannabis forums.

See, It’s All Perfect

That’s one of my favorite Neem Karoli Baba sayings. Its meaning is a lot more than most folks can imagine, or accept.

It takes panoramic awareness, the opposite of focused, tunnel vision, to see that indeed, all is perfect in the cosmic sense. To me it also seems that the more a person is open to accepting everything as a gift, a lesson, a sign, or some form of usable energy, the easier life becomes. Go with the flow, please.

Not understanding this simplicity, huge numbers of people, especially those who wield great power through money, religion, or politics are busy trying to control the morality of other people. Not content to merely work on themselves and to focus on their own issues, these folks strive to make others follow their rules of morality that have no place in the life of an adult already living the Golden Rule, like you and me.

Victimless crimes must be overlooked, excused, forgiven, and forgotten. Until then, humans will continue to run in circles, chasing a world that cannot and should not be required to exist. Bad human, male power-trips should be outlawed instead.

The strong oak tree eventually meets its match and either snaps in the torrential wind or is totally uprooted by it. Bamboo bends until it touches the ground, yielding to the forces upon it, however it recovers and stands again once it has weathered the storm.

The world is changing at an exponential rate. In Ghengis Khan’s day it took months, even years to target an enemy, move into a new region, and mount a battle. Now it’s as fast as pressing a button, launching a drone, and firing a Hellfire missile at the target’s house or car.

Synthetic Biology is at the door with Pandora’s Box as a gift for everyone. Are humans wise enough to wield such God-like power? Hold on, because you’re going to find out in a big way over the next 5-15 years.

For an herb grower Syn Bio might mean reliably and repeatedly reproducing varieties, and in huge volumes, in seemingly flawless ways. You’ll be able to shop online for terpenes that offer whatever flavor or “entourage effects” that you desire in your “Frankenweed” as well the ability to design the ratios of major cannabinoids in your strain creation. Want to include early-flowering traits because you live in Iceland? Why bother when you can add the freezing-resistant genes of an Arctic fish and still harvest in the snow? No one will be able to tell the difference by taste so why not go for the convenience? Think you’d like to turn up the mind-altering effects of your brand to the extent that your customers will have difficulty remembering if they have smoked weed or eaten mushrooms? It can be easily be done with simple combinations of genes coming soon in a webstore near you.

Don’t laugh or say bullshit quite yet. Read the article I linked to above, it’s long and captivating, and then come back to comment. The world as we know it is already changing like a chameleon and what we think we’re looking at is actually something else. Recombinant DNA, GMO crops, Transgenic Tomatoes with fish genes inserted, and more exceptions than you’d like to know are already out there in the agricultural stream.

“The DNA plasmid that is inserted into the genome of the FLAVR SAVR tomato is not considered to be a new substance since DNA is found in all living things and is destroyed in the human digestive tract. Thus, the only new substance introduced into the FLAVR SAVR tomato by genetic engineering is APH(3’)II (Engel 77), the bacterial antibiotic. A substance like APH(3’)II is the cause for the greatest concern in genetically altered plants because it is a new chemical not found in the natural varieties that has the potential of being toxic or severely allergenic to humans. For example, a gene from a cold-water fish was introduced into strains of strawberries and citrus to induce frost resistance, but the resulting protein could induce allergic reactions in people who are allergic to seafood (Engel 101). “ 

The Transgenic Tomato

So, OK, we’ll live to be 125 years old, still have a sharp memory, and sex will no longer be a just memory past 80. Our body parts will be replaced, or most likely be re-grown and regenerated from within our bodies, rendering us as slick as Steve Austin, the Six Million Dollar Man. What next?

I think it’s very feasible to conceive that within a 10-15 years we won’t be smoking weed at all in order to get the effects we so dearly treasure. The same will be true for LSD, mushrooms, Peyote, and all therapeutic, psychoactive plants. You might go through the motions and light up the pipe in order to experience that Old-School feeling again, however you could just as easily take a pill, use an electronic device, or eat a Power Bar with the genetic info inserted in the pharmaceutical, or the specific part of the brain stimulated, or the genetic ingredients whipped into the confection.

Remember the Korova Milk Bar in Clockwork Orange? Like the easy access to the mescaline drinks that Alex and his boyz enjoyed before their stompin’ fun, the bio hackers who I guarantee are on their way will ensure that these “advances” are available to the masses, obtained legally or not, perhaps at a steep price, too, but nevertheless it will be out there once the technology is in place.

Organic food for thought….