2020 Sour Nevils/Masibindi hybrid:   Sourbindi

Chaco’s Sour Nevils F1  


[ Zamal A x Warlock ] 2008


Gerrit Slot, founder of Magus Genetics in the Netherlands, developed the well-known Warlock variety. He began his work in the 90’s and created Warlock circa 1997. It was submitted by the Bluebird coffeehouse and won 3rd place in the Bio category of the High Times Cannabis Cup in 1997 as well as the more prestigious award, 3rd place in the Overall Cannabis Cup itself.

Gerrit was interested in the somewhat rare varieties from La Reunion Island, east of Madagascar. Collectively know as “Zamal”, these cannabis verieties go back centuries to the time of the early explorers who settled on the remote island and brought cannabis seeds with them. ICMag’s founder, Gypsy Nirvana, gave Gerrit 30 Zamal seeds that he had received from a grower there named Christophe.

With these initial seeds Gerrit developed two main lines that formed the basis of Masibindi:

Type-A  that had the common “octopus shape” but with a much stronger “peppery” aroma than the “carrot” types.

Type-B that had a straight upward shape with less lateral branching and had the same (carrot) aroma as most others had. It also featured more “foxtail” flowers in long colas.

In roughly 2010 Gerrit gave away sample packs of masibindi, mostly in Spain along with some packs released on ICMag’s SeedBay. I was fortunate to be gifted a pack of 10 Masibindi seeds by a UK member who had been one of the few to get a free pack or two when Gerrit released them.

I grew 8 of the 10 seeds in 2013 and only one germinated and it was a male. I collected quite a few small bindles of pollen, froze it, and have used this pollen to create several crosses over the last 7 years. I still have a few bindles tucked away deep in the freezer.




“Spear Pheno”

Chaco used Sour Nevils as his building block and took them in a number of hybrid directions. Big, beautiful bracts plump with resin and hazy. Chaco told me a bit about his original breeding plan in an email Jnuary 2015: ” The sour nevs is the ecsd clone pollinated with pollen from four different Nevilles males. the sour bx is just the best looking sour Nevs male that I used to hit the ecsd clone again. the best plants sour wise are in the bx because honestly the f1 of the clone and Nevilles males doesn’t do justice to either parent but in the bx someone could very easily find a very sour female.”

“The best part is the BX still has loads of vigor from both sides and you run some giants, they won’t stay small!”

I was fortunate to connect Chaco and exchange phone calls, emails, and mailings thanks to Greyybeard on ICMag. I followed his original thread under his previous handle, “Slip Kid”, and watched over the years as he experimented and documented his grows with cool photos.

Warlock also became the foundation for several other respected varieties created by Gerrit, including Biddy Early, Double Dutch, Starwarz, Exile, Motavation, and Masibindi, my personal favorite. It is a superb building block for cannabis hybrids and has a recognizable genetic background stemming from 1970’s generic varieties such as Zamal, Afghan, Mexican, or Colombian. Masibindi’s Zamal A is a particular phenotype of cannabis from La Reunion island, east of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean near Mauritius. A historical port for Portugese, Indian, French, and Dutch traders, La Reunion has embraced cannabis for centuries and offers some unique varieties.

 Sourbindi is the 2020 cross that has proven to be a winner in several departments. It has two primary phenos, one featuring long foxtail colas, some over 30 inches long, and the other a dense nug variety with tight, resiny flowers.